Wipes and Paper Towels

A reminder that chemicals are not allowed in the City of Austin curbside compost carts.

“If it grows, it goes” into compost carts. Think food-grade. If not, it belongs in the trash.

Paper towel, image courtesy of Kelly Mayer

If you are cleaning with paper towels and vinegar, alcohol, baking soda, etc. then those paper towels may go in the compost carts.

Any paper towels with chemicals and products on them should go in the trash.

Disinfecting wipe, image courtesy of Kelly Mayer

All disinfecting wipes should go in the trash. They’re not paper, they’re plastic or a composite/mix of several types of materials. Plus they usually have chemical on them.

Cleaning cloths can be washed, in hot water, with bleach, if you are looking to clean and disinfect with reusables. We use cotton clothes and flannel with alcohol and vinegar for most of our cleaning. We have a small amount of disinfectant, but again we use clothes we wash in the washing machine.

Reminder that fabrics (cotton, wool, linen, silk, etc.) may not go in the City of Austin curbside composting carts. Yes, theoretically natural fibers can break down but the City’s commercial composting facility is not accepting fabric or fabric scraps, shreds, lining, padding, etc.

Thank you! Be safe!

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