Can Lids

Small but super helpful, can lids like those pictured here are great at helping preserve the freshness of your canned items sealed in the refrigerator.

These here are from Tomlinson’s Feed. They are $1.00 each.

You’ll see that there are multiple ridges on the lid, this is so it can fit several types of cans without you needing to have different sets of lids. They’re easier to get on and off, the thumb lip on these is sized well and sturdy.

I’ve found these lids usually in pet food aisles or actual pet stores. I don’t see them on canned food aisles much.

Can lids fit pet food and human food. I have some on pumpkin and peas in the fridge right now.

I like to recommend these in lieu of:
– aluminum foil because the seal is tighter and lids are easier to rinse off
– beeswax sheets or silicone lids because they last longer and are guaranteed recyclable
– any single use wax paper, cling wrap, etc. because it’s a reusable item

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