Stores That Recycle

Alphabetically by Store (more coming as pictures are available)

Austin Creative Reuse

Operates a creative reuse center in the Windsor Park neighborhood of East Austin, where they sell gently used creative materials donated from individuals and businesses at an affordable price. They also host workshops, camps and other community events!

  • Crafts
  • Office supplies
  • Hobbies
  • Fabric

*Image from ACR off the internet

Austin Public Libraries

Batteries – all types and sizes

*Note that the bucket may be different colors and locations inside vary. Check with the desk if you can’t see it.
**I know this isn’t a “store” but it’s a good spot for this service.

Image from 2019


Plastic bags and plastic film

Image from June 2023

Home Depot

Batteries (Rechargeable Only)
Plastic Shopping Bags
Bulbs (CFL) (no tubes)

Image from June 2023


data coming for in-store

Return & Recycling Service: With the eco-friendly IKEA return service, we take your old mattress, sofa, kitchen or white goods with us when we deliver the new one.


MP3, Cellphones, Ink Cartridges
Glass, Plastic Aluminum
Plastic Bags

Image from 2020


Eye Glasses (at Vision Center)

Image from March 2019