Picture Frames & Washi Tape

A post came up on my phone feed from Apartment Therapy that included using washi tape to cover picture fames. It was just what I needed.

If you’ve read my post RETHINK: Picture Frame Crafts & Replacements, you saw that I replaced some framed items with new inserts to update my son’s room into something more interesting to him. The original art work was from pre-baby time, as was the wood style and his window treatment. We’ve slowly been trying to lighten up the colors in our home which has a lot of dark wood. When the time came to replace the carpeting, we chose a really light wood to replace the cherry and carpet in the house to make it lighter and brighter.

When the roman shades broke in his room, and fell down in mine, it was a great opportunity to bring in lighter colors with curtains. I much prefer curtains to shades and blinds because I find them easier to clean which is important to me as an asthmatic and sufferer of dust allergies. That was taken care of.

Then we had all the dark frames in his room. When I saw the washi tape article, it was such a blessing. I actually already had some appropriate colors of washi tape so I covered one frame before I ran out. I could not find that pattern anywhere so I went to our local stationary shop, Paper Place, and found another pattern that would work. There were actually three different types I felt would work, but I picked the most “Octonauts” appropriate one. The full progression is below.

I had already used up the new roll of washi tape before I took the paperclip picture.

I found some coated paper clips in colors I was looking for to do color coding on my projects. I probably could have done a Buy Nothing post for coated paper clips since there are so many paper clips out there in the world, but I needed more clips anyway and Paper Place is a local business so this worked. They are new but I’ll use them. Unfolded paper clips also make great hooks for various projects.

Both items are from Paper Place, “locally owned and operated by women, we are a unique retail space that enjoys creating custom invitations for all the special occasions and milestones in your life. Celebrating 40 years in Austin, Paper Place carries a thoughtfully chosen selection of journals, pens, fine paper goods and accessories to make the paper lover in your life happy.” 

The washi tape can be reused a few times. I’m reusing the frames as well instead of buying new ones. The size is kind of big to find secondhand and not damaged. I’m not a great painter and I thought this would be a fun thing to try out for myself and you all. Not everyone can access paint, just the amount or the colors they want, but I think it’s fairly easy to find or order washi tape. It’s also no mess. Try to make a shopping list or order worth the trip or shipping if you try this out.

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