RETHINK: Dry Erase Boards & Picture Frames

Have you ever wanted a dry erase board in your home office? They’re not the most attractive things to purchase. The shapes are either pretty big or pretty small, the marker tray is gross, and it’s usually permanently screwed to the wall.

If you’ve ever worked in an office that has a surplus or 5S program, you’ll know there are a ton of abandoned whiteboards in these storage spaces. You may have seen there is dry erase paint that allows you to use dry erase markers on big sections of your wall. The paint makes me nervous and I’ve only seen one quality job of it.

When my husband asked me for a dry erase board, I created the one you see here. It is a picture frame with a white piece of poster board inside!

  • This is now usable as both a white board and a picture frame.
  • It can unhook easily from the wall and be taken into another office or the living room for brainstorming.
  • It’s the exact size, color and style to fit the space.
  • I could have made it a “blue board,” a “pink board,” etc.! It’s completely customizable based on the poster color you put inside.
  • I can always use it later as a picture frame holder.
  • It doesn’t get that faded ghost writing when you don’t clean the dry erase board well enough. The glass cleans better than whiteboard or mirror.

I think this is a win. It’s reusing an item or creating an item that has a dual purpose and as you can customize it to fit your home. You may even be more inclined to use since it will fit the space you need it in and look attractive.

We use refillable dry erase markers made from 91% recycled plastic called Pilot V Board Master Permanent Markers. They don’t smell as strongly as the regular dry erase markers, but do have a bit more scent than the low odor markers. They work really well, refill, have a nice solid line, and the chisel tip is good for various purposes.

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