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More and more companies are working with TerraCycle to recycle their pet food packaging bags and pouches. These bags and pouches are not normally recyclable locally because they are a mix of materials (a composite) or a mix of plastics and single-stream recycling only processes single source items. If there are choices you make for the health and wellbeing of your family (which includes non-humans) that are not easily reusable, recyclable or compostable, then it’s important to process those items responsibly and if there is a free recycling program that will do it, I’m all for that.

Most tins and cans should be recyclable either in your single stream recycling carts or at a scrap metal business.

Free pet food packaging programs currently on TerraCycle’s page are (in alphabetical order and listed for the U.S.):

If your pet food pouches and bags brand(s) is not listed here, I encourage you to contact them about the recycling options available through TerraCycle, to review their packaging materials, and if you are interested [consider your time to transition, cost, product availability and the health allowances of your pet(s)], transition to a company that is thinking ahead, working on sustainability and offering recycling of its products. I also encourage you to talk to your brands about bulk and larger options. I love tubs and things that come in reusable buckets with lids. Large bags of pet food are heavy anyway, at least with a bucket you get a handle and a good seal on the lid. If you stay with your brand and they do not currently have a recycling program you may purchase a Pet Food Packaging – Zero Waste Box from TerraCycle.

I want to give a shout out to A Pup Above for staying on top of me to write this post and to share about their program. I’m not getting paid or product, I just really admire their persistence with me and we have so many pets in the world that their packaging are resources we need to recapture so this is an important topic to write about. A Pup Above talks about their recycling initiative up front and posts it in an easy to spot location on their site. Several local pet stores carry their products, check the store locator for a store near you. Our dogs passed away, but this is a product I would try.

A company our dogs liked and that was necessary for their health was Royal Canin. We used mostly the canned food (Glycobalance and Renal Support) since our dogs were older when they needed RC, but we also used their kibble. These are usually vet prescribed but major retailers like Petsmart will issue the food with your vet’s prescription if your vet doesn’t carry the food on site.

I hope this was helpful. Hug or kiss your pet babies for me. <3

I really encourage you to reach out to me with ideas and topics you want to see talked about. I will learn something and of course I love to share what I know and learn.

*Note this post has been updated.

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