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I just made a donation dropoff to Recycled Reads. “Recycled Reads receives all of Austin Public Library’s weeded material, as well as donations from the public. They sell, recycle or repurpose this material, and all our proceeds benefit the Austin Public Library.” 

I cultivate what gets put in the Little Free Library program or the Recycled Reads bookstore which is a program that benefits my local library. Based on what I see show up in the little free libraries in my neighborhood I put those topics there and then anything extra I usually take to Recycled Reads. I did forget about Black Pearl Books‘ Community Book Exchange this time, so I will give them a turn next time I clear out some reading material. “Every book in the Community Book Exchange section is completely free, just bring back another book to add next time you’re in the store.”

Another great local program, that may have a sibling-type situation where you live, is the Inside Books Project. “Inside Books Project is an Austin-based community service volunteer organization that sends free books and educational materials to prisoners in Texas. Inside Books is the only books-to-prisoners program in Texas, where over 120,000 people are incarcerated. Inside Books Project works to promote reading, literacy, and education among incarcerated individuals and to educate the general public on issues of incarceration.” “Prisoners request specific books and educational material and volunteers match those requests with books donated from our community.” I love this one because it’s a great way to find direct new owners of books that have been important to you and your family and someone is specifically asking for that topic.

I’ve been culling some of my religious books and I recommend that you either post in your neighborhood or find a local group that would appreciate those books either for its onsite library or for members of its community who may not be able to afford those materials otherwise. Examples would be your local church, Austin Shambala Center or local version, local synagogue, local temple, mosque, book club or one hosted by your local library or a local bookstore such as Black Pearl Books.

I don’t really post books on Buy Nothing unless there is a specific ask. Kids’ reading lists and classics are good to hold onto for a bit until someone asks or to post for the summer or back to school. Libraries normally have summer reading programs and sometimes there are reading requirements before school starts.

It seems like schools and hospitals stopped accepted big donations of books. That is a lot of work and probably a lot more material than they had room. I recommend you ask your teacher, librarian, and support services if there are any books they would appreciate adding to their collection.

Unless I expect to get a decent amount of money for a hard to find or expensive book, I quit selling back everyday reading because it wasn’t worth my time waiting for the amount of books dropped off. I’d rather put the books into circulation sooner.

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