Freezer Burn Frozen Food

Freezer burn green beans, not for dinner, thank you.

Tip #1: lock your freezer controls so the preschooler does not change the freezer temperature getting his own ice and water. So cute though. 

Tip #2: eat your freezer food in a reasonable timeframe to avoid freezer burn. I’m actually not sure how old these were anyway. 

Tip #3: Compost the beans by dumping them out of their plastic bag into a BPI certified compost bag, brown paper bag, or loose.  Freezer food bags cannot currently be recycled at a plastic bag station or in recycling carts since they are usually mixed plastic types (aka composite material) so those go in the trash. 

Tip #4: Buy loose fresh produce and freeze it if you need or want to in your own reusable containers (with dates) so there is no waste. Fresh produce usually comes in recyclable, reusable or compostable containers but I will admit I have a hard time finding loose green beans.

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