Paper To-Go Containers

🔥 Got FirehouseSubs to-go containers? If they look like these: cardboard/egg carton type material and tear, they’re compostable.

✒️P.S. I’m not specifically calling out Firehouse Subs, this is just what keeps ending up on my porch.

🗑If the paper snags a bit like it’s stuck (modern butcher paper), it’s coated in plastic and should be trashed.

🚫 One (or more) of my neighbors keeps putting these in my Styrofoam collector for the Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center and they’re not foam! I’ve shared in my neighborhood and so sharing here now.

✂️If it tears like this it’s paper, paper-contaminated with food should be composted or trashed.

#compost #notfoam Firehouse Subs @firehousesubs #togocontainer

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