Target Recycling Station

🔴 Here is the plastic bags/films/wraps station at Target. This bag station is near Guest Service where they take store returns, order pickups, etc. This photo is from May 31.

🚫 Unfortunately for me at my location, the store regularly blocks the stations with wheelchairs, pallets and carts. I literally had to straddle this dolly to drop my bags. The dolly and wheelchairs were blocking the bins. I’m a former gymnast so I can manage ,but most people would give up. I am writing Target to do better.

The bin shapes and colors have changed over the years. This is 2024 vs 2020, but they’re always labeled and in Guest Service. The area is in the front of the store near the entrance/exit.

❗️Note: I refuse as many soft plastics as I can but we still end up with them. What is unavoidable or finds its way into your life can be recycled at most store fronts.♻️


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