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Tampon Tribe is “Period Care With Purpose” “Created by people with periods for people with periods.” After having tried a few of their products, I agree! I agreed to become an affiliate after reading all about them and they check all my boxes:



100% certified organic cotton. That’s it. Sometimes life should be this simple.


No chemical bleaches, no perfumes, dyes, yucky materials, plastics, or additives


Being biodegradable is not enough — we’re compostable and plastic free. Our planet stays lovely.


Ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices, recycled packaging. Earth-friendly everything.


Check out my unboxing video below:

Here are the affiliate box contents:

The box was a great size for reuse and the padding was enough, but not too much. Padding didn’t go all over the place when I opened the box so no clean up was needed!

The box was sealed with plastic tape. That is one change I will recommend. Tampon Tribe should switch to paper tape so there’s not plastic. Or label the box if the tape is not plastic; since it appears to be plastic.

Here are the contents laid out which include all the menstrual products and paper information. It seems to be an appropriate amount on information and variety to get you started with single-use menstrual products and the information is well done; sufficient and pleasing to view.

I’m not sure if I read someone from Tampon Tribe did this on the website or I was inspired by an Instagram post on their account but I can definitely reuse the bag to store my items in the bathroom and for me that will be on top of the toilet in the “toilet room.”

I was a bit reluctant to try new single-use menstrual products since I’ve tried so many over the last seven years. Before I had my son, I used tampons with an occasional panty liner. After I had my son, tampons didn’t sit comfortably in my body so I used reusable pads. The way I walk tends to wad up single-use pads so I had stayed away from single-use pads. I can’t use silicone products since I have a sensitivity to it.

I can use these tampons! I’m not sure if it’s because women designed the tampons but they were comfortable and there was no pain, weird feeling, dropping, painful applicator, itching or string issues. Easy to use, stayed in place and did its job.

The pads were good and stayed in place. I like that there are wings to stay in place.

The panty liner is cute. It’s smaller than most I’ve used and it wadded up with the way I walk, so that one is the only no for me. I’m not a panty liner person so it’s okay.

I will definitely try out more tampons and pads for those times where single-use is more convenient or necessary. My son always seems to want to go to the pool when I’m menstruating so having tampons that work and are comfortable is really exciting for me so I can join him. My reusable pads are also starting to wiggle around and move a lot, I must be walking weirder or something. Even though I have extra long cloth pads to help them stay in place better I’m not sure what is happening right now with all their movement. Can my anatomy change yet again after seven years? I hope not but we’ll see.

Another plus for Tampon Tribe is they have a subscription option! I love subscriptions and use them for several products like soap and toilet paper. Once you find something you like, buy direct and get a subscription to make your life easier and benefit that company. So give Tampon Tribe a try, support a women-owned business with a sustainable model for their products, and make your life a little easier and a little greener.

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