Ice Pack Give Back

You can schedule a FREE PICKUP from Trashless for them to reuse those ice packs you receive with your meal subscription or food delivery.

Trashless will “sanitize them, and reuse them with our own zero-waste, local, sustainable grocery delivery service.” It’s a great way to reuse these and keep it local.

If you’ll recall in an older post of mine, Ice, Ice (Pack) Baby, these are not as recyclable or easily disposable as the companies claim. There are also few people on Buy Nothing or in the neighborhood that are interested in reusing these. Local animal clinics and shelters do not have a regular need for them so those organizations are not a reliable method of disposal. Thank goodness Trashless is saving these from the landfill.

I myself have not used Trashless yet, but many of my neighbors have and share passionate reviews. So check them out if you are in the Austin-area and are interested in local, zero-waste grocery and meal delivery.

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