Shredded Coconut/Plastic bags

Plastic bags and film: according to customer service at, “If you can stretch the film or push your finger through and stretch it then it’s likely polyethylene and can be included [in plastic bag recycling].”

This means that clean and dry soft plastic films and bags like this shredded coconut may be included in store plastic bag/film recycling drop-off stations.

You need to make sure you get all the food out and you can’t feel a food film. Usually turning the bag inside out, rinsing and air drying will take care of it. If you still feel residue, don’t contaminate the recycling stream and trash it.

This bag does not have a How2Recycle label which helps, nor does it have a plastic number in a triangle, but I can poke my finger through it so it can be recycled.

Coconut is hard to find in recyclable containers, it’s usually in composite bags (mixed plastics), so check your options and if ordering online curbside like me, do your best.


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