Ice, Ice (Pack) Baby

Austin Resource Recovery shared a great way to put those home food/cooking delivery service ice packs to a great [re]use.

Veterinarians and the Austin Animal Center could use them to aid in medical or surgical needs. Check your local animal service providers or your local vet.

I would always call ahead to make sure they have space for them, but this is a great alternative to simply disposing of them.

The instructions that accompany some of these delivery services is to pour the goo down your sink. Please don’t do this!

Additionally, the liner of the ice pack is NOT recyclable, as indicated. The box is recyclable, but not the part that is also silver or otherwise lined with materials other than cardboard.

Originally shared by Austin’s Captain Can to the Zero Waste Block Leaders Facebook group January 14, 2019

You can also always post these in your neighborhood social media groups. I’ve posted before and there have been neighbors interested.

Near summer camps, camping trips season, or the start of school may be good times to post if anyone needs these.

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