Howdy Neighbor! Neighborhood Marketplaces

Does your neighborhood have a forum to buy, sell or give away items?

In my neighborhood we have a Facebook Marketplace Group for residents in our neighborhood where we can post items for sale, for free, or items you’re looking for.  It’s a great way to give away perfectly usable items but that you don’t want or need anymore.

For example I purchased the lapsang souchong tea pictured here. It’s the tea Nana drinks in the movie Sing. I’m a sucker for drinks from shows. We have jasmine tea from Avatar: The Last Airbender and mint tea from Netflix’s Hilda! So we tried this and didn’t care for it.

I posted this on Facebook and I kid you not 5 minutes later someone claimed it and had picked it up! It’s such a great tool. I had spare breast pump parts someone was able to use, I’ve put up other other teas and snacks we didn’t care for, the rest of diapers we’ve outgrown, planter pots, landscaping tools, etc. Neighbors do a garage clean out and post the results of their driveway for a “come and get it.” It’s such a super tool. 

Do you have one or plan to start one in your neighborhood? What about at work? Maybe pool the office supplies you don’t need where everyone can browse if you don’t have big enough or organized storage space.