Flower Vases (Reuse)

Once your flowers fade, what do you do with your vase? ðŸĨ€

There are other options besides thrift stores and secondhand stores which receive tons of flower vases.🏚

Local options include churches that break up their weekly service flowers to deliver to homebound members, your local Buy Nothing group or Nextdoor.💐

Try to reuse your vases if you receive vased flowers.

Encourage and purchase loose flowers if you can; local flowers like those at farmers markets tend to be loose.ðŸŒļ

If loose isn’t an option look for flowers in reusable mason jars or potted flowers and plants.ðŸŠī

If you are in Austin, check out the Austin Reuse Directory for donation ideas.

I encourage you to call ahead wherever you want to donate to make sure they have room and are accepting vases at the time. 📞

ðŸŒŧDon’t forget to compost your flowers.💚 Pressing flowers for future art projects or display is another idea.

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