Family Walk & Cleanup 02.19.22

Our family goes for walks on the weekends around my neighborhood. Since I received my 4ocean Cleanup Kit with trash tongs for my birthday, it’s really motivated my four year old son and husband to pick up trash as we walk. I share some of our finds on my Instagram and Facebook pages and I’ll share a few here as well if I think they are helpful.

I am now a 4ocean Brand Ambassador so if you make purchases through my affiliate link I earn from qualifying purchases. Right now you can get 20% off your first three purchases through my link. Each 4ocean product pulls one pound of trash from our oceans, rivers, and coastlines. Their products are also great reminders and awareness items to make greener choices as you go throughout your day or participate in a cleanup.

Unique finds here from our walk this morning along one of our ponds in the neighborhood were egrets and ducks live.🚶

We can put the top pieces in scrap metal and hard plastics at our recycling center at the Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center. ♻️ If your recycling providers don’t take hard plastics, they may need to go in the trash. You should be able to find a local scrap metal business that will take your scrap metal. I recommend collecting these random bits of metal and plastic in a bucket or box to take to your local entity that can process them.

The rusted battery will be taken to the household hazardous waste station for safe recycling.🔋 This is so scary that this was in the water, we’ve found several rusted/corroded batteries on our walks. Don’t forget that batteries can leak dangerous chemicals if put in normal trash or the ground and can catch fire in trash trucks so they should be safely disposed of at a battery recycling facility. 🚛🔥 Batteries Plus in most locations are a reliable source for most people. If you live in Austin, Texas you can check the battery recycling list provided.

We can clean the golf ball and toy car. ⛳🚗If the car is too rusted to play with, we will add that to scrap metal recycling too.💙

We always have work gloves and hand sanitizer with us now on our walks. I did forget a collection bag so we didn’t do a big cleanup today but these few pieces will be properly disposed of which keeps them out of the ground, pond and trash. #cleanup #neighborhoodcleanup #familywalk #fortheearth #scrapmetal #hardplastic #batteries #toys #foundit #atxrecycles #keepaustinbeautiful

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