Condiment Packet Food Drive

Keep Austin Fed is hosting a Condiment Packet Drive all February. Be on the look out for KAF marked buckets at the participating locations! This is a great way to keep these items out of the landfill. 🤎

Remember to check each of their business hours before dropping off your extra condiment packets. 🪣#shoplocal #keepaustinfed #helpingothers

Zero waste tip: While this is a great way to make sure these items don’t end up in the trash, you can Refuse them to begin with when you order to-go or takeout. Many restaurants are adding a refuse options for utensils and condiments. If you pick up food from the location and it was put in your bag accidentally, just take it out and leave it with the restaurant.🥢

#refuse #lesslandfill #nofoodwaste #condiments #takeout #zerowaste #zerohunger

Photos from KAF social media

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