Electronics Recycling During COVID

Your typical city or local vendor site for electronics recycling may be closed right now. The Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center is closed until further notice.

If you are cleaning out, moving, downsizing, etc. and would like to get rid of your electronics, or anything with a cord, battery or microchip, you have a few options. Remember to be safe whichever you choose.

Most Goodwills are open and they have several recycling contracts in place for their organization (they also recycle fabric, clothes and shoes). According to the Goodwill of Central Texas, at least that location is considered an authorized collector of electronic waste. Goodwill will also put out on the store floor or repair what they are able.

If you have a Staples or a Best Buy, they might be accepting recycling right now, but you should call ahead to make sure. Some businesses are open, but not operating their recycling programs during COVID. Additionally, with Staples and Best Buy these businesses do not accept all items. You’ll need to see their specific requirements to determine if you items are acceptable. The links for those are below.

From my Page, Where Do I Donate/Recycle?

Electronics/Anything with a cord, battery or microchip: Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off CenterStaples , Best Buy or Goodwill.

There may also be mail-in programs though I can’t site any off hand. Sometimes companies will let you mail items back for recycling, you’ll just need to check your manufacturer’s website to see. Sometimes the cost is covered, but most of the time the cost is on the end-user, you. This one of the reasons why I support local businesses, there’s usually no cost to you to drop something off and you don’t have the shipping footprint, just the car’s gas footprint, which should be smaller.

Please let me know if you have other items you have questions about handling right now.

Be safe!

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