Product Review: Dropps for laundry & dishes

I purchased this product myself and my review is my own experience.

I’ve been using Dropps since January 2020. We’ve been through several delivery cycles and testing. I support and encourage these as a plastic-free option and a scent/fragrance-free option.

Dishes on the left and laundry on the right.

We use unscented for both products. The dishes are clean and the glass comes out clear. I don’t use a rinse aid or do anything fancy for my glasses. They look good to me! Laundry-wise, our clothes look the same as before Dropps and have no scent. A neighbor weighed in that she thinks her clothes feel softer with Dropps, I think she’s right!

The website will calculate your recommended size and frequency of delivery for your subscription; they also have one-time purchases. The subscription option is very easy to modify and I’ve had to do that as we’re running a bit more laundry during COVID than we did before.

Dropps warns you about wet hands when using the packets. I’ve been a little damp still and it’s been fine.

I don’t have issues with the cardboard box’s “locking” design or the little pods themselves. The pods are a water soluble film made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) designed to dissolve in water. The boxes are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council and the plants are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Any tape used is paper tape, not plastic tape. The boxes are actually sturdy enough they would be great to reuse. The “cold water pouch” for laundry comes with the first laundry order and is a combination of “polyester and mesh material.” So laundry is not entirely plastic-free. You may be able to ask them to exclude the cold-water pouch if you want to be 100% plastic-free. I’m using it and it seems very well made and I’m hopeful it’s not releasing micro-plastics.

My first order, paper tape! Subsequent subscriptions come in only the smaller boxes. Laundry and dishes are on separate time tables for me so I get one small set at a time. They come in sets with my frequency schedule.

I have no complaints. I like the delivery feature so I don’t have to go into a brick-and-mortar store right now and I love the products are not in a plastic container or plastic coated paper like some of the powders for laundry and dishes are. Not everyone recycles plastic-coated paper.

I don’t calculate out the carbon footprint of items, I could but I don’t. I’m not sure if having plastic-bottle detergent shipped to my local Target I then drive to purchase is better, same or worse than UPS dropping of these boxes in my mailbox every few months. Dropps uses UPS’s ground operations already in place and purchases carbon offsets to help address this concern.

I haven’t tried any of the plastic-free “strips/sheet” like Tru Earth but if you have please share your experience!

Be clean, safe and stay well!

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