Bulk Art Supplies

See if you have a local art supply store. I use colored pencils as my primary artistic outlet and my son likes water colors. Several of my colors from my set of 24 Crayola from who knows how long ago ran out, I can’t hold them they are so short, so I went over to Jerry’s Artarama to pick up only the colors I “needed” plus a new calligraphy pen. I took a little bag with the old colors I needed to match and the old pen to match the tip width and I just walked around with my son. I love art stores and stationery stores that have loose items so you can pick only what you want and only what you need. My mom actually asked why I didn’t just buy a new box of pencils from anywhere that sells those and I told her I didn’t need all those colors, there are still pencils I’ve never used in the original box that I’ve had forever. One of the mean tenants of zero waste is to try to buy only what you need. I only needed five colors, and technically not even that many, I added some variation to my yellows and oranges, but I did need a new red and blue. I also treated this as a new experience/exposure for my son. It gave him an opportunity to see the various types of artistic expression that are available to him in case anything caught his eye.

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