Aprons are Awesome

Aprons are awesome! One of the recommendations from participants in the @wool.and #100daydresschallenge was to wear aprons so you could wash your dress less often. Wash aprons more, or switch aprons if you have several, and spend less time/money/water spot treating or washing the entire dress.

I got out of the habit of wearing my apron on a regular basis. I actually used to wear it so much my neighbor thought I was a professional baker. I kid you not, if I am wearing white or business attire I will stain my clothes. So at the time I was basically thinking “adult bib.” Since I was going to make an apron part of my dress challenge wardrobe I wanted one that was going to be more functional. I have a traditional apron with the adjustable neck strap and waist ties that go around back, or in my case in front since the straps are so long. I ended up getting what is called a Japanese style apron from Etsy. There’s no ties and there’s no adjusting. The style moves with you. The problem I had with my modern-day traditional apron is that the long adjustable strap on the neck would come loose and I was always adjusting it which leaves you open to getting food on whatever is under your apron, and also the strap would dangle down and sometimes get into what I was working on which is unsanitary and then also can splash stuff all over your under clothes. It was hard for me to find traditional women’s aprons (e.g. 1950s) that have shoulder straps and a tie waist but that covered most of my chest. I love that I don’t have to tie anything on this Japanese style.

I definitely recommend a covering like a shirt or apron when cooking, baking, or even eating to help keep clothes cleaner and nicer longer. Also maybe change and don’t wear work or public outfits if you have that option where food, crafts, gardening is involved.

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