Vision for 2021

Happy New Year readers! Thank you for your support, questions and ideas! I am so grateful for the involvement and eagerness you share with me in working towards a life with less waste, more care and a lower footprint.

Last year my plan was to focus more on secondhand goods and repair. I shared some of those ideas with you but not nearly as many as I had hoped. COVID changed how we lived and shopped.

Going into 2021, in line with how COVID changed the shopping and recycling options that were and are available to us, I will be working on purchasing items that are easier to recycle or compost, sharing more information about TerraCycle boxes (since drop-off recycling has become difficult or not available), and working on increasing compost and food waste information. As we continue to be in our homes more than we most likely were before 2020, I’ll be sharing information on clearing out, donations and the world of secondhand.

As always, I appreciate and love your feedback, questions and topics. I work to go at this from a beginner’s mind perspective, but also try not to repeat myself so much. There’s also a lot of ground and areas to cover, so please tell me what you have learned, would like to know, or want to see get more focus.

This new year is a great time to reset ourselves to work on new goals, new practices and new habits. Each new day is an opportunity to take at least one small step towards being a little greener. May you have a blessed, safe and happy New Year! Welcome 2021.

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