To-Go, Egg, & Meat Foam Containers

Maine just passed the U.S.’ first state ban on foam food packaging

Foam to-go containers, egg cartons, and meat trays are recyclable! At least they are in Austin and New Braunfels! Round Rock will accept egg cartons.

To-Go containers can recycled at the Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center and the New Braunfels’ City Recycle Center. Round Rock and San Marcos, Texas won’t take these items.
Rinse the foam as soon as possible to get it as clean as you can. The foam densifier (foam melter) does not clean the foam, so it needs to be clean before it gets dropped off.

Egg trays that are Styrofoam can also be recycled at the Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center, the New Braunfels’ City Recycle Center, and the Round Rock Recycling Center! San Marcos doesn’t accept any foam.
Make sure there is no egg goop or shell in the egg tray. Farmers’ Markets will also take these back sometimes. Ask the stall you purchase from or the market’s information table.

Meat foam trays can be recycled at the Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center and the New Braunfels’ City Recycle Center too. Round Rock and San Marcos will not take meat trays.
May sure to throw away the plastic wrapper and meat juice pad. Rinse the foam off as soon as possible to get it as clean and you can.

More information on the entire meat eating process is at Greener Meat Eating.

San Marcos, Texas is not accepting any Styrofoam of any kind for recycling. It’s directed to the trash.

While it would probably take an act of legislation to bring reusable containers to the grocery store meat counters, and sometimes egg flavor/preference dictates which type of egg carton we purchase, to-go can be under our control. You can bring in your own container to pack up your own leftovers to take home. I’ll use a bigger purse or a nice shoulder bag to put my stainless steel or glass container in. You can keep it in your trunk or if you have a great memory just take it with you when you go out. You may not always need it, or not even often, but if you know you’re going somewhere with big portion sizes or where you always have leftovers, consider making the effort to pack yourself up to-go.

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Apartments should check with their provider/contractor or that provider/contractor(s) website(s) for instructions/restrictions.

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