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Eyeglasses and Contact Lens Recycling


A super common but often overlooked item that can be reused/recycled are eyeglasses.

Everyone has old eyeglasses laying around, some of you may even have old childhood pairs or pairs from before your surgery.

There are several places to take eyeglasses so they can be reused and provided to those in need. Those that aren’t usable are recycled.

Additional Austin locations are listed by the Austin Founder Lions Club.

Check with your local vision provider to see if they have a recycling program or box. If not, recommend they get one. 

Don’t forget to include the cases.

Contact Lens

Bausch + Lomb and Terracycle have teamed up to create the recycling program, One by One.

Mueller’s own Envision Eye Center is on the waiting list as a participating office location. In the meantime, One by One office locations are available at HERE.

You can print a free UPS shipping label and mail in your contact materials for recycling. There is no waitlist! All brands and all materials (except the box) are accepted. Please recycle the box in your single stream recycling. You may collect material in a zip top bag or a box. The program does ask you let the materials dry out before shipping.


Contact lens are plastic. Please do not flush these down the sink or toilet. They create microplastics in the water systems that could be eaten by aquatic life. Please dispose of these in the trash if you are not going to recycle them.

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