Target’s Car Seat Trade-in Event

Do you need a new car seat or an upgrade for your child or grandkid?

September 3 – 13, 2019 is this fall’s Target Car Seat Trade-in event!

Quoting from Target’s website, “Guests who trade in their old car seats will receive a 20 % off coupon toward a new car seat, stroller or select baby gear. “

Car seats can only be traded in at a Target store, however, the coupons picked up from Guest Services can be applied to both in-store and online purchases.”

The coupon is eligible through Saturday, September 14, 2019.

These events are not officially on a recurring schedule. Internet research shows they tend to occur in April and September. Target appears to be supporting:

  • April and Earth Month
  • September and Baby Safety Month

Since the program launched, Target has recycled half a million car seats, and counting.

To date, through trade-in programs, Target has recycled more than 7.4 million pounds of materials, and counting.

Safety Reminder

Please check your current car seat(s) or any donated car seats or boosters, etc. for expiration dates. The date of expiration or manufacture is usually on a sticker on the base of the item.

The plastic degrades over time and can be a potential safety risk.

Where to Look for the Car Seat Expiration Date

“Some manufacturers have a specific expiration date on the seat,” Dr. Hoffman says. Major brands like Graco and Britax are known to display that information.

But if you don’t see a date listed, you can assume that the expiration date is 6 years from the date of manufacture, Dr. Hoffman advises.

The car seat pictured is a Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat in Gotham. Its footrest extends up to four different lengths for my tall little guy.