Recycle: String Lights

Just a reminder that string lights, Christmas lights, Hanukkah lights, Diwali lights, (your word choice here) etc. are recyclable, maybe not everywhere so check with your local providers but they are in Austin.

In Austin you can take them to the Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center’s Electronics stations for recycling. During COVID it’s by appointment only. Social Distancing is great so load up the car with everything they take and offer to help your neighbors!

If you want to save the working bulbs, I’ve been super pleased and surprised that people on Buy Nothing are asking for bulb replacements from partially burnt out strands! Yay! I’m so proud! It’s something we should be doing anyway for free repairs since we already bought the strands. I know they can be hard to pull out, but it’s probably easier to save to replace than to find replacements online or in store, I know I’ve had trouble finding a small selection of replacement bulbs.

Reminder for the Electronics Station: Anything with a cord, battery, plug or computer chip can be taken to the Electronics station. They covers a lot of your kitchen and children’s toy waste to take advantage! You drive through, they load up the cart, you’re done!

Happy Holidays!

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