Plastic Food Bags

Don’t forget to recycle your food plastic bags. With COVID is can be harder to get items from bulk bins in brick and mortar stores right now. If you use something enough, try to find it in buckets or recyclable or compostable larger packages. If you do get small packages please make sure you recycle what you can. Remember not everything goes in curbside recycling carts so you’ll need to get familiar with your local instructions. Guidelines vary widely so if you move, learn about your new area.

As long as you can get all the food out, and that means clean and dry which in this instance means shaking out all of the lentil debris, these can go in a plastic bag recycling station at any store that has that kind of station. See for more plastic bag and film types that are accepted in these stations, as well as help locating a store near you if you haven’t seen one of these plastic bag recycling stations. Stations are usually at the entrance of a store, though rarely they are at the exit like at my local Home Depot. If you are in Austin, Texas, the Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center is open again and you can drop these off there by appointment.

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