Coating Veggies/Marinating

Coat your veggies for roasting or marinate foods in a reusable container. Glass will hold up longer and wash cleaner than plastic so keep that in mind.

After you pour out the food, wipe extra oil or marinade out with toilet paper (which we all should have) to avoid clogging the dishwasher or disposal. This way you don’t have to buy separate single use paper products like paper towels, and you won’t get a bunch of oil in your laundry washing kitchen clothes. Extra napkins from restaurants and takeout are also great for this!

Always take your extra napkins with you when you leave a restaurant. The servers will throw those out anyway for sanitary purposes so you may as well take them home to use. They’re also great for accidents in the house like from pets and kids.

Use both hands, I’m taking a picture with my right.

Use both hands to hold the lid on when you shake. We’ve never had a leak but better safe than sorry.

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