Halloween Costume 2023

This is my son’s mostly reused Halloween costume. He was a flying robot, his decision.

– Ikea and moving boxes for the body (recyclable)

– paint and brushes we received from the Girl Scouts from a cleaning up their room at my church. This amount of paint on paper can be recycled since we didn’t glop it on. Glopped on, heavy paint on paper should be trashed. (recyclable painted paper and reusable paint brushes)

– reusable felt robot masks that came in a bag we can use for class or party favors (reusable and sturdy) I was going to have to make a mask anyway and almost bought a plastic mask to start a base so I figured it would be easier to just buy robot masks. This way the kids can use it at school, home, wherever for a long time.

– reusable and recyclable trick or trick bag.

We used razors/cutters and hot glue we already had. This amount of glue is okay to recycle. It’s not too think or too much that it would affect the paper quality. Austin Creative Reuse does have hot glue if we had run out. My husband bought more just in case from Home Depot, which I had no idea sold hot Glue. Apparently Ryobi sells a hot glue gun.

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