Extra Trash Sticker

Maybe you’ve been reluctant to downsize your trash cart because you’re not sure you could always get all your trash bags inside.

Maybe you like to have big gatherings and sometimes have more bags than normal.

Maybe you’re doing a big spring clean out and just have more trash than usual.

Do you know about the City of Austin Extra Trash Sticker?

Extra Garbage Sticker

Extra bags of trash that do not fit in your trash cart with the lid closed must be placed next to the trash cart and tagged with an Extra Trash Sticker, which can be purchased at most local grocery stores ($4 + tax). Extra bags without a sticker will be charged a per-bag fee of $9.60 + tax.

Make sure to take cash with you to purchase the sticker. I was told at my HEB Service Desk that credit cards are not accepted for City of Austin services like paying utility bills or buying Extra Trash Stickers.