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Austin friends, check it out. Non-Austin: See what your local utility provider offers in the form of rebates for replacements. April is a great month to buy new appliances and energy efficiency items because there are a lot of Earth Month/Earth Day sales going on.

Homeowners, Apartment/Condo Dwellers, business owners: I’m a big fan of energy savings, coupons and rebates! There’s a multi-family option (and a lot of times business options) for all of these homeowner programs so encourage your property manager/building owner to check them out! Austin homeowners can earn a $85 bill credit for signing up as a Power Partner if they have an eligible smart thermostat: Austin Energy customers qualify for a $25 rebate for each new eligible, smart thermostat installed at home. Once installed, customers can then sign up for the Power Partner program and to earn the additional $85 bill credit. *Lots of sales for new appliances and tech right now for Earth Month. Check out what’s been on your to-buy/honey-do list.

Austin multi-family properties (apartments and condos) can earn $150 rebate for each Austin Energy-approved, connected thermostat installed within their community, when done in conjunction with Austin Energy’s HVAC Tune-up offering.

NOTE: Limited Time Bonus Offer! Multifamily Properties are now eligible for an additional bonus of up to 20% over current rebate levels, for a total incentive of up to 100% of the project cost. Multifamily Income Qualified Properties — normally eligible for an incentive of up to 100% of the cost of the energy efficiency measures — may now qualify for a bonus of 20% on approved out-of-pocket costs not normally covered by rebates. Installation must be completed by December 31, 2022.

Don’t forget to check out all the rebates from your utility provider. A few more that show up in my neighborhood regularly are:

Happy Earth Month!

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