Donating/Recycling Shoes

Donating or recycling shoes?

Shoes bound with a rubberband.

Zip tie, rubber band, or use the laces to keep the pair together.

Goodwill dumping out an enormous box of shoes.

In sorting large bales of shoes, the partner shoe may not always be found if separated and it’s more likely the shoe will recycled at that stage rather than reused/resold and then later recycled.

There are markets for single shoes so make sure to donate them to Goodwill too. Do not landfill your shoes, clothes, textiles, etc. Let customers and resellers decide what is sellable and what should be recycled. Do not landfill household and clothing/fabric items.

Rubberbands from produce products in a pile.

Grocery store produce rubber bands are a great reuse for shoe donations.

Image Descriptions: pairs of shoes bound together with shoe laces, zip ties and rubber bands. A man in a red shirt dumps shoes out onto long blue tables at Goodwill.

The featured image of shoes bound and being held in a set of hands is from Goodwill in south Austin in the back sorting area. #shoes#laces#rubberband#ziptie#goodwillcentraltexas#thrift#secondhand#donate#charity

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