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“Don’t store old phones long-term in your home or office. Unused cell phones and batteries can become dangerous if exposed to temperature extremes or moisture, potentially exposing you and others to harmful substances. Be safe and take your old phone directly to a local recycler” or trade it in as soon as you are able. “It’s important to recycle electronics to ensure that toxic materials are properly disposed of and to reduce our waste. Recycling e-waste also reclaims valuable and limited resources like copper and gold. For example, for every million cellphones recycled, as much as 3,500 pounds of copper and 75 pounds of gold could be reclaimed for use in new products.” Quotes and featured image from Earth 911.

My husband and I use our cell phones until they are so broken they can’t be repaired and there is no trade in value. We are usually several versions behind the current model. We do not have landlines. Then we recycle our unusable cell phones at the City of Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center (Electronics station), but you can also take your cell phones and other broken electronics to Goodwill which is certified by the State of Texas as an authorized collector of electronic waste, Target and Best Buy. Electronics, for the purpose of recycling, can loosely be defined as anything with a cord, plug, battery or computer chip (something that makes noise or lights up). If you are a trade-in type of person, make sure you prep your old phone first. How to prep for trade in and more info at https://earth911.com/eco-tech/recycle-old-phone/. Earth 911 has a great layout on how to prep and the sites for major providers for trade in so I won’t retype them here.

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