Coral Wellness and Reef Safe Sunscreen

Happy Friday! It’s #REDfriday which means Remember Everyone Deployed. For me that means wearing red, including my 4ocean Hawaiian Coral Reef bracelet, and reef safe sunscreen because I burn!

Chemicals from our sunscreen can be dangerous to coral, specifically oxybenzone and octinoxate, common ingredients in over 3,500 sunscreens. With over 25% of all marine life native to Hawaii, and with half the coral reefs in the world either gone or in a state of sharp decline…. We can reverse to a very large extent the harm we have imposed, because now we know. This second bit is from Dr. Sylvia Earle and I highly recommend you watch the documentary Mission Blue on Netflix to learn more. Making purchases that reduce the chemicals going into the oceans and our water systems; we can do our part.

These two brands pictured, All Good and Badger Balm, are the ones most accessible to me, but there are reef safe sunscreens that also come in metal tins and remember that metal is infinitely recyclable, whereas plastic is only recyclable one to two or so times before it also needs landfilled due to degraded quality. Purchasing a #4ocean product like this bracelet funds pulling one pound of trash from our rivers, oceans and coastlines and provides awareness.

Use my 4ocean🌊 Taylor’s link: (I get credit for your purchases as a 4ocean amabassador) and also get20% off your 1st 3 purchases with discount code: TAYLORYOUNGBLOOD20

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