Coconut Scrubbers

Coconut scrubbers are super easy to use, gentle but effective on all my pans and dishes (no scratches), and can be composted when they’re past usefulness.

You don’t have to recycle a metal scrubber at a special location like a scrap metal collector or recycling center, or in a special program, and it’s not like a traditional kitchen sponge that has to go in the trash.

Coconut fiber is also called coir so keep an eye out for both names when you are searching. I have yet to find coconut scrubbers in brick and mortar stores, so you will have to order these.

This particular brand is from Amazon, but a lot of the zero waste sites carry similar products. An exciting development on this product is that it no longer comes in plastic packaging, it’s only a cardboard wrapper around four coconut scrubbers.

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