Buy Nothing: Loose Leaf Ring

This is a loose leaf ring from Buy Nothing. I just wanted one, not 10-50 which is what the packages online were running. I wanted to make prayer cards to take with me wherever I go. Prayer journals, boards and prayer bowls were not working for me. I got this idea from seeing all the kids flashcard rings.

I posted on my local Buy Nothing Project Facebook page and someone had two different small sizes. The smaller sizes this person had were actually even better than the 1″ rings that I was considering buying (or the 2″ rings I kept finding online) because this ring size makes the prayer cards I wanted to make small and pocket size to go everywhere with me. The giver was super sweet and offered to put both sizes out for me. She offered to let me take both if I wanted, and I actually did in order to try them out.

You can always post a new Give on Buy Nothing to pay it forward, like if I don’t end up using the other rings I received, or the size I chose didn’t work out in the long run on my idea.

What’s a fun or unique item you’ve received or given on Buy Nothing?

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