Buy Nothing: Doll Stroller

My son regularly makes water balloon babies. He calls them his baby and treats them as such. He doesn’t have any dolls and for some reason treating his stuffed animals as babies is not a thing for him.

Two weeks ago he asked for a stroller to push around his baby. He is aware of how Buy Nothing works now so he asked, “Can we ask anyone if they have a stroller?” So I posted an “Ask” photo that I found from Target. I was willing to buy one at TerraToys, our local toy store, or Target, our closest chain store with kids toys, since I’m that kind of mom, but my husband said no buying. Free was okay.

I posted the green and white stroller from Target on the left. Update: Here is my post as an example: “Ask: doll stroller for my kindergartener. Any color is fine. Thank you!”

After a week and a half of no response, not even a Like, I asked my mom if she could post using the same picture. She immediately got a response for the pink two-seater shown on the right.

Tip: When posting for an “Ask” on Buy Nothing, use some kind of image or theme-related background so it’s more eye-catching for members. I’ll grab an Amazon or Target image or screenshot to share. It helps for quicker responses when members are scrolling.

Tip/Reminder: Please remember to update your Buy Nothing post when you receive or give an item so posts are up to date.

My son is ecstatic with this gift. He loves that it has two seats, a solid handle instead of a “broken” handle, and there’s a canopy.

We’re used to pink and purple hand-me-downs from my niece. We also don’t subscribe to gender color stereotypes.

Baby and Baby Creeper get walked twice a day.

My son is telling me all the responsibilities a babysitter has when watching babies.

It’s so heartwarming.

Have you had a really moving experience using Buy Nothing? It could be a give, an ask, a borrow, or a gratitude. Please share.

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