It’s pumpkin season! I have to ration myself on pumpkin and fall items so you’ll see intermittent posts over the next several months as I enjoy and share about my fall choices.

I found this pumpkin Noosa Yoghurt at Target yesterday. The employees were putting out all the fall stuff since it was September 1st. More food was finished being stocked than decorations so I picked up this little guy to try out. More and more yogurts are coming with an aluminum foil lid rather than a plastic sheet lid. The aluminum foil lids can be rinsed off, dried, crumpled up into at least a 2-inch ball, then recycled curbside – at least in Austin, Texas. Check with your local recycler to see what number and/or color plastics they accept, as well as what their policy is on aluminum foil, and if it can go into a curbside recycling cart or if it needs to go to a recycling center. Austin takes all of this in our curbside carts.

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Recycling Links

City of Austin Residential Recycling / Apartment Dwellers Guide
City of New Braunfels Residential Recycling
City of Round Rock Residential Recycling / Recycling Center
City of San Marcos Residential Recycling / Apartment Dweller Quick Facts
Apartments should check with their provider/contractor or that provider/contractor(s) website(s) for instructions/restrictions.

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