Wire Hangers

Take wire hangers back to the dry cleaners or find a local one near you.🧥 They always appreciate those (reuse is free to the business and allows them to save money) and many places will have a collection bin out by the counter.📦

Charity clothing closets are another option but call ahead both to see if they have room and if they are operating during Covid. ❤️

If you are in Austin, you can check out the Austin Reuse Directly to find businesses interested in accepting wire hangers and other categories of donations: https://austinreusedirectory.com/📖

Post a Give to your local Buy Nothing page for people that need hangers or want to craft with them.

If your hangers are too bent or rusted, you can recycle them with a scrap metal business or in Austin at the Scrap Metal station at the Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center.♻️ Taking the paper and foam off first helps with recycling.

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Featured Photo courtesy of Leila Beila Bobeila

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