Thursday with Taylor

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while. I’ve missed this. I’m still here. Still doing green things, as well as too many things. For those of you that don’t know me, I am an over-volunteer-er. I love to help, especially if I feel it’s in my wheelhouse. So while I have been collecting items from my neighbors to take to the recycling center, I haven’t been sharing much information with you all or them.

Last summer I joined a new church. It’s new to me. The building itself is over 80 years old and the congregation itself celebrated its 150th anniversary in December. It’s a large building on a large piece of property. As organizing, building services, properly disposing of things, communications and historical display are all things I’m experienced in, I went it deep and hard. As a result I have a ton of things to share with you all, but I have not prioritized sharing with you. I am working on this. Sustainability is my first calling and one I want to make sure I focus on as a priority.

So I’m back on it! I will also be gearing up for Earth Month! This year’s them for Earth Day/Earth month is
Planet vs. Plastics. I’ve been asked by several groups to table and to focus on this theme so you’ll see more product reviews and ideas as well as catching up on all things church.

I am implementing green initiatives at church so I’ll be sharing about them in the upcoming weeks. If you live in Austin, live on the eastside and want to check us out, I’m at Memorial United Methodist Church. We’re a smaller congregation, like family. Large building, large hearts, small close group. We also have a daycare so I can share about that as well. We are starting a Creation Care committee, which is like the church verbiage/equivalent of sustainability/being green, and we will be hosting several outside projects this year in line with community gardens, our labyrinth/maze, and certified wildlife habitats (one of our members found a church version we’re pursing) and protecting pollinators.

Let me know if anything strikes a chord with you and you want to learn more and I’ll work on getting it posted sooner.

Best to you all!


Shown in image of Taylor at the table

  • The Ekowah Logo Tumbler, from indigenous coffee roaster Ekowah, an Osage owned and operated business in Oklahoma. I love both flavors of their coffee as does my husband!
  • A refillable, reusable candle holder from Arbor Made. NOTE on Arbor Made, I need to write a post and I am in the process of becoming an affiliate so stay tuned for 15% off for my followers and $15 for new orders!
  • Uncovering the Love of Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu. This is her Lent devotional. I love anything by Asheritah but really dig in to her Lent and Advent devotionals to stay with the rhythm of the seasons. You can order her books on her website, Moody Publishers and Amazon.
  • The Sanctuary for Lent is also amazing. My church offered this to us on Ash Wednesday and as someone who keeps forgetting to track the 40 days of Easter/Lent(I get off on the days) the calendar date inclusions are very helpful.

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