Thankful Reuse

– Be thankful always.🙏💖

– Reuse office supplies like sheet protectors and badges for thank yous, signs, and outside the office like tabling, church or neighborhood events. 📛🖍️

– Think about ways to be creative/artistic in a way that may acknowledge or appreciate someone, a group, etc. 🧑‍🎨

If you don’t have these supplies and want to do something similar, check your local #buynothing group, family, friends and neighbors. They probably have this stuff and would be thrilled to give it to you.♻️

My HEB sign has been in my trunk since the start of Covid. Only one person has come back to me about it, and she really needed acknowledgement that day.💖 It’s okay if your efforts are never or rarely acknowledged. Your efforts may be planting seeds or working in someone who isn’t ready or able to talk to you. Do it anyway. 💗

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