Tabling: 4th of July 2023

Every year our neighborhood holds a 4th of July festival and parade. We made it work with parade only during COVID.

I always like to share a few pictures for ideas when you are tabling.

Bring water, and food and coffee if you’ll be tabling for awhile. There is no guarantee there will be food, you will or want to be able to eat it, or that free food will be left.

I drink coffee mid-morning and a particular brand that both supports indigenous coffee producers and does not set off my GI issues.

My lunch was in a Rover from PlanetBox, water is always in my 4ocean water bottle and indigenous delicious Tinker Camp coffee from Ekowah Coffee.

I really do love my 4ocean water bottle, it’s all steel touching the water, holds a lot and is easy to clean.

4ocean Taylor’s link:

For 20% off discount code: TAYLORYOUNGBLOOD20

We have about a 40 minute wait sometimes between setup and start. I can talk for the full festival time. There is not usually caffeine at tabling events so bring your own coffee, tea or energy drinks.

Set the reuse example with the containers you choose.

I have my coffee and water out on the table for everyone to see, I don’t hide them for ascetics.

Your choice may even spark a conversation on the best style or easiest to clean, plastic-free, etc. item to choose.

I walk over with a wagon full of all my stuff and a bag of my display boards. I like to allow for people who really need the parking to have that. It’s hot but 30-40 minutes of set up allows me to cool off in the airconditioned pavilion.

We are always inside now but if you are outside, take river rocks to hold your items down from blowing away in the wind and weight your kitchen compost collectors or any display items.

I cannot stress enough how important and impactful interactive/visual/3D tabling is in drawing people over and engaging them in conversation. They’re going to walk by a table of papers.

People don’t have a list of questions in their phone ot head of what they’ve been unsure of or having a problem with so having examples is important to initiate those conversations. It will also guide you in what to educate your neighbors and friends on if you post or table in the future. All my examples in my “What Do I Do With This?” box are from questions I’ve received.

Have fun and be creative! It’s okay if you don’t know. Use the Austin Recycles app to check or take down their contact information and question and get them the answer. The most important things are to be honest and to follow up.

Have a great green week!

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