Six Pack Rings/6-pack rings

I’m so excited to share that after one of the neighbors asked, I received the exciting answer that six pack rings, or 6-pack rings depending on your spelling or preference, are recyclable in plastic bag store drop-off containers.

Please do not put these in your single stream recycling carts or they will tangle the sorting machines causing shutdown.

Traditional 6-pack rings are made of LDPE, the same as plastic film.  You can take these to a store that has a plastic bag/plastic film recycling station or to the City of Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center.

If you are going to put these in your trash, please do cut all the rings open so if they do blow out of a trash truck no animal gets caught in them. These could fly out of the truck if the crushing arm tears open your bag while crushing and the wind picks up the rings.

If you happen to get the newer harder plastic “six pack rings” like the ones pictured here,, please drop these in your recycling cart. They’re hard plastic. Try and keep these thicker plastic rings intact; the larger something is the easier it is to recycle.

There are also new biodegradable/compostable six pack rings,, made of wheat and barley, etc. There is still some debate on if compostable items must be BPI certified compostable. In the meantime, until we are advised otherwise, please compost these.

Featured image courtesy of Jeanne Traeger.