Save your St. Patrick’s Day stuff

Save all your St. Patrick’s Day things to reuse for next year or for other holidays or purposes. So many holidays have green as part of their celebration colors. You’ll save money not buying it next year, save time not buying or looking (store it well), and save resources being prepared for next year.☘️💲 Don’t buy dates things and maybe try to neutralize your choices so they can be used for multiple events and years.📆

If you don’t want to save your holiday gear, make sure to donate or post it as soon as possible to keep with momentum and interest in the most recent holiday.💨🔎 Many charities don’t have a lot of storage space so may not take or store out of season items later in the year when you are cleaning out.🧹 Individuals may also not search, take or want to store items out of season.💚 I have seasonal boxes for each season and while I can easily access them whenever I want, that isn’t the case for everyone.📦🪜 One of the tricks to keeping things in use and out of the landfill is taking advantage of current interest so it’s best to do things as soon as possible related to holidays, events or particular times of year.🎗️


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