RETHINK: Buckets

Yes buckets! Multi-purpose items, buckets. Before I had a child I occasionally thought I had too many buckets. Now, I do not think that at all and I love the versatility of them.

This is my original small kitchen trash can. A crack formed in the bottom of it and fluids were leaking out into the bin below.

This will get recycled in my blue curbside recycling cart. Yes, this is allowed!

I have a built-in waste system in my kitchen and kept the small trash can on top of my plastic bags and film (front bin). With the crack, trash fluids like chicken juice were leaking onto my bags, which I then had to clean. The back bin is my recycling. I empty it into the big blue curbside cart.

I checked the frequency of posts for small trash cans on Buy Nothing and there was not a lot of traffic on this topic. As I mentioned we have a ton of buckets, so we re-purposed.

My mom gave my son this bucket last year as his Easter basket. Super smart choice as buckets hold up way better than baskets, and hold more eggs! 😉 You can also reuse them at the beach, pool, etc. where you can’t with baskets.

My son prefers our mop bucket which is bigger so this was no loss to him.

I’m in love with it as a trash can! The moving handle is better than the handle hole on the previous trash can. The shorter depth makes it easier to dump out and clean. The wider circumference does make it a bit more work to get plastic bags down below but it’s not a big deal, the benefits outweigh the 3 extra seconds moving the bucket.

I also use buckets to collect recycling, separate out Scrap Metal and Hard Plastics for the Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center, holding blocks, holding chalk, moping, moving gravel and just so many things.

What creative ideas do you have for buckets?

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