Repair/Rethink: Yard Sign Holders

I feel like I’m the only one with this issue but I’m going to share it anyway. My yard signs move all the time. They get blown down, knocked sideways in the wind, or even blown down the street. Something about how the wind moves in my front yard does not allow these to stay in place no matter which way I orient the signs.

So, I deal with it. I put them against the house and against the pillars. They must be parallel to the home instead of perpendicular. The biggest win for me is cutting the metal frames down short.

As you can see from the featured image, my signs basically touch the ground. This allows for the least amount of movement and need for me to readjust them continuously. How I do this is by shortening the traditional metal supports with a bolt cutter.

This is a 14″ bolt cutter. It cuts through the metal frame like scissors through paper. It has a limit on the gauge/circumference of the item but should also handle small locks, chain-link fence, chain and the like. I love it!

Normally I would borrow something like this used only a few times a year, but no one in my Buy Nothing group has one and my previous lender is a 30 minute drive away. Now I can be the lender in my neighborhood! <3

Buy Nothing is a great way to borrow and lend tools as well as give and receive. I’ve borrowed several tools for sewing and around the house.

Before I had a lot of issues with the wind blowing the signs around too much, sometimes the legs on the sign holder would rust off. So figuring out how to cut the frame to a usable form has always been a project of mine.

I hope this is helpful!

P.S. These corrugated plastic signs (the ones with the ridging or waffling inside) can break down over time from outside exposure. My previous “In This House” sign and Zero Waste Block Leader sign both basically fell apart into small plastic chunks on my front yard after 5 years in full sun. If you can find or make window signs or something studier, consider that option.

P.P.S Corrugated plastic yard signs are the easiest to recycle of all yard signs/political signs types. They can be turned into boxes, or painted or recovered to be reused as signs. The other types such as plastic film or plastic-coated paper are more difficult recycle. Just a heads up.

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