Plastic Bags and Stickers

Recycling Reminder ♻️🎗️:

Lots of different plastic bags and plastic film can be recycled at your local grocery store like HEB, Central Market, Home Depot, Target and Walmart. Recycling stations are usually at the entrance of a store or just inside.

🚫 Plastic bags cannot be recycled in the blue recycling carts and actually jam up the sorting machines.

✂️The paper labels need to be cut off / ripped off so that only the plastic is left.

Bags and plastic that can be recycled:

Grocery and produce bags

Bread bags

Carrot, potato, etc bags (not red mesh bags)

Opaque cereal bags

Newspaper bags

Zipper to sandwich bags

Plastic mailers like Amazon

If the plastic is thin enough that you can poke your finger through it then it can be recycled at a plastic bag station. 👇

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