Libraries (Not Just for Books)

One of Austin’s zero wasters posted about an incredible new lending library she is creating for dishes! You can check out her post on the Dish Lending Library here; it’s so good I’m not going to repeat it! I would love to see this used at the block parties in my neighborhood!

Libraries aren’t just for books, and not even “book” libraries are just books. “Book” libraries also have e-books, magazines, journals, DVDs, CDs, audio-books, community events, story-times for kids, computers, printing, copying and faxing, just so many resources. You can even sign up for the inter-library loan program and borrow books from other libraries. Through the City of Austin Public Library inter-library loan program I signed up and am able to borrow books from The University of Texas at Austin. Sometimes we want more in-depth scientific material on veterinary medicine, nutrition, health, etc. and UT has these books on the shelves so this saves us tremendous amounts of money as these scientific materials are very expensive.

Little Free Libraries are popping up all over the country. Neighbors build a little house/container (there’s a Tardis from Doctor Who on 38th Street!) and put out books, magazines, movies, etc. they no longer want and neighbors can “take a book, share a book.” Check the map to see if you have any in your area. My neighborhood is constantly adding new spots!

As Joanna T. writes in her dish article, there are other types of libraries:

Not all libraries are free (some may have a small member fee or out-of-service-area fee), but the fee is usually fairly small and saves you money in the long run since you don’t have to buy all those items yourself. You also get the joy and space from not storing, maintaining, repairing, or getting rid of the items later! Yay!

CRAFT is not a traditional library in that you cannot check out materials, but per Merriam-Webster it is ” a place in which … artistic… materials … are kept for use but not for sale.” Adults can purchase a membership for access onsite to DIY tools and craft materials. The site stores and maintains all the equipment and cleans up after you leave! If you’ve ever started a hobby or craft project, you know how quickly all that new equipment and supplies can add up!

What other types of libraries are you aware of in your area?

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