It’s Earth Month

April is Earth Month. As an extension of Earth Day, it gives us a bigger window to think about and make changes that will impact our Earth, today and in the future.

The theme of Earth Day 2021 is Restore Our Earthâ„¢. There are a lot of areas we can focus on this month, not just on recycling and composting. Some bigger topics to focus on for Earth Month and Earth Day are below. This list are examples of window signs you can make, but I think it’s a great snapshot of changes we can make and topics we can personally research.

So I recommend you check out to learn more and check out here to find some new ideas or review some past interests that you are now ready to start. Remember, we are working to be a little more green, a little more Earth friendly each day. Small steps, maybe one a day, one for the week or one for the month. That’s okay and your choice and change will make a difference. Giant leaps are okay too, may people who identify as zero waste may big overnight changes. Do you want you can handle, accomplish and afford.

Be green.
Happy Earth Month!

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